Nonprofit Group Fights International Cybercrime

Just last year alone, hundreds of billions of dollars were lost and millions of identities stolen. Virtually every business or individual that has used a smart device or computer has been a target of some sort of attempt to compromise their data. This is cybercrime at its finest, the wild west of the internet. Experts are predicting by 2021, this epidemic will be a six-trillion-dollar problem, and every person who owns or uses a smart device will be targeted on a massive scale. CCIA is determined to combat this cyber-epidemic.

Cybercrime has become the top issue and subject on everyone’s minds. Cybercrime has been described as criminal activities carried out by means of computers or the Internet, for example, cyberterrorism, cyberwarfare, extortion, cyberbullying, stalking, and identity theft. CCIA has the capabilities and resources to assist in investigating these activities, as well as to support and train investigators that take these cases.

Last year several professionals in the cyber security, intelligence, legal, and forensics fields came together to form a solution to this ever-growing problem, the Cyber Crime Investigators Association. CCIA was designed to give law enforcement, corporate, small business, and the general public training, resources, and assistance to counter cybercriminal threats within their communities and on the web all over the world.

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This will be accomplished by providing certification and skill-based training, infrastructure, and analysis-based services in cybercrime, cyber intelligence, and cyber or digital forensics. Outreach programs, membership, and partnerships will be the primary focus in the organization’s operations plan. Gaining a foothold on communications, and delivering quality, actionable content is the main goal.

To accomplish this, CCIA is looking for partnerships in the educational sectors, to grow young professional experience and learning potential. Training and education is paramount to developing s solid foundation and support for cybercrime enforcement and investigations. CCIA is also reaching out to law enforcement, government, and private sector agencies and companies to assist in developing infrastructure, training, and development programs to enhance intelligence gathering, as well as cybercrime detection, and case development for the prosecution of cyber-criminals. This is done through classes, webinars, and access to the latest technology, methodology, and experience.

Finally, the CCIA is looking for the top talent in the cyber security, investigations, intelligence, law enforcement, and forensics sectors to advance the organization into the next age of technology. If you are interested in making a huge difference in cybercrime trends, you are encouraged to visit the CCIA website at for more information.

We are SAM Registered to conduct business with the US Government, CAGE Compliant with the DLA, and are Incorporated in Virginia; Pending 501c3 Application Status, a Non-Profit Organization.

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