Oday eSlim丨The Most Luxurious, High-Performance Toothbrush

When utility meets elegance, meant everything is about to go to the next level. Meet the brand new design of a revolutionary electric toothbrush by Odaycare eSlim – The most luxurious, high-performance toothbrush, crafted with the finest ingredients and most innovating technology. 304 Stainless steel & Aluminium alloy body, high-end appearance with a weightless comfort, delivers sonic vibrations to clean teeth. One of the best 2019 Christmas gifts at an affordable price – only $39.

So how did the Oday’s eSlim manage to WOW a valued client to bring technology, health care expertise, and innovative design to serve in this most luxurious and advanced package? Let’s start with the first impression: eSlim features at Dupont filaments which are extremely safe, gentle and will not harm gum tissue or tooth enamel, cleans the teeth and gums exceptionally well, removing plaque and debris effortlessly. An exquisite profile and intense colors that blend with virtually any décor – plus, it features vibrating bristles and a built-in timer to help you brush more effectively.

The sculptural glossy tube of Oday eSlim may be what draws you in, but the ideal pressure and scrubbing will keep you coming back. The two-minute timer pulses at 30-second intervals to help users track brushing progress and know when to switch quadrants while brushing for a consistent clean.

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“We seek to create a certain atmosphere by combining values such as simplicity, fashion, elegance and glamour for the most exclusive products without sacrificing essential functionality,” said Tiger Hoo, the creator of Odaycare.

The eSlim Electric Toothbrush is micro-USB charging supported. In addition, eSlim only weight 57g (2 oz) with its slim size and you can barely feel its existence. Combining these two features, eSlim is extremely portable. This ultra-portable and fast charging design are perfect for a business trip, dining outdoor, vacation, and etc. In one word, it’s your best oral health care companion for your daily routines.

Some of the eSlim features:

  • Dupont filaments for gentle clean
  • Ventilative brush cap, no worry to the dust
  • Slim design, 182 x 16.5 mm
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Quiet, privacy, <50dB sound

With casing made from the same materials used in the Apple Watch, the Odaycare is both sleek and durable. Not just a tool for practicing oral hygiene, but an ultra-stylish accessory. Lightweight and wireless, this new brush can be used as a decoration for your bathroom or simply a convenient tool while traveling.

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Kiersten Macaulay, PR Manager


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