OneDealer opens New Markets to Auto Insurers with Cutting Edge Used Car Trading Platform

Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence open up promising business opportunities enabling auto insurers to offer their customers more than just insurance for their mobility. With OneDealer, insurance companies benefit from their customers well beyond the vehicle’s lifetime, with significant profits to be made from the purchase and resale of vehicles.

This innovative business model is based on two facts. First, insurers’ tactical information advantage: firsthand access to big customer and car data, including the time when they decide to sell their vehicle. Second, a fully digital customer-centric buyer journey that makes unique, personalized insurance products possible.

Auto insurers are encountering a huge market of used cars that can be bought from the insuree and sold on at an attractive profit – a side effect of their business, that holds significant new commercial potential. Through OneDealer’s seamless end-to-end digital process, the vehicles can be easily purchased by the insurance company at a price that works for the owner. OneDealer then streamlines the process of reselling it at the best possible profit, quickly, by facilitating evaluation and/or repair work and automatically publishing it to selected online marketplaces.

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OneDealer has already supported a major auto insurance company in Germany to digitalize and establish their car trading solution, allowing them to become a significant new player in the used car trade market, by capitalizing on their huge customer base and the valuable car-owner data other auto retailers don’t have access to. With OneDealer, the digital automotive business solution was up and running within only 11 weeks, covering integrated workflow-based Cloud CRM processes for buying and selling vehicles, landing page integration, a full DMS/ERP for processing, scheduling and accounting, dynamic pricing, a car evaluation tool and integration with online B2C and B2B marketplaces.

“OneDealer’s Cloud-based Digital Suite offers insurances the great, unique opportunity to first learn when an insurant is probably intending to sell his car. This not only gives insurers the possibility to benefit from the sale of the used vehicle but also to be the first to provide him with new products and services. For insurers this means even more business with Mil-lions of existing customers,” said Global Account Executive Robert Schuessler.

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