DF Richards invests in New Fisher + Ruckle Splicing Machine to keep up with forever growing demand.

DF Richards, a wood veneering company based in Basildon Essex are set to take delivery of their new splicing machine for their lay on manufacturing division.

The new purchase has come as part of a recent technology upgrade which saw the company installing 4K cameras for log recording along with its inventory management platform Timber Plus.

DF Richards jointing division which used to be known as Jointed Veneers until the brand re-alignment back in May 2019 is looking forward to the upgrade.

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Alex Richards director and head of the division within DF Richards said: “We are excited to take delivery of the machine, before we were redistricted to the lengths of material we could work with, however, this will now enable us to work with a variety of lengths up to 3.2 meters long.”

The old machine has enabled us to just keep up with demand, however with the investment of using the latest splicing technology, combined with other changes to our process – it should result in a significant uplift in capacity for us. Having the new machine will also increase the reliability and will then give us the flexibility to run longer and extra shifts as and where needed.

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