Opcito successfully organized one-day Coderetreat Bootcamp on the Global Day of Coderetreat.

Opcito, a leader in Cloud Technologies and Solutions as a Service space, hosted its first Global Day of Coderetreat (GDCR) on 16th November 2019 at Pune development center. The Coderetreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. It was the 10th edition of the event that happens every year and this time it was conducted at 154 places simultaneously across the world. Opcito was one of the hosts of GDCR Pune.

The success of software development depends significantly on a wide range of coding skills, ownership displayed by the development team and development best practices. The objective of the Coderetreat, which was first conducted in 2009, is to improve the technical skills, one at a time. Over the last couple of years, the Coderetreat format has evolved to become a time-tested technique to help developers hone their technical abilities.

The core belief of Opcito is to revolutionize the delivery and creation of software while advocating cutting-edge software & technologies with simple and efficient code. This aligns nicely with the goal of Coderetreat, that is why Opcito decided to be part of a 10-years celebration of GDCR. Nelkinda generously came on board to help organize GDCR at the Opcito office.

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Chaitanya Jawale, CEO & Founder of Opcito Technologies expressed, “Being a technology focussed company, we always look forward to ensuring all our team members are ahead of the competitive curve. To ensure we stay one step ahead, we need to assess our current way of working, tech trends, the scope for improvement and follow. Coderetreat is one such event that encourages developers across the globe to learn, unlearn, and relearn coding techniques for writing clean and efficient code.”

Abhijit Kharat, Co-founder of Opcito Technologies, who inaugurated the Bootcamp said, “Opcito is excited to be a part of the 10th edition of Global Day of Coderetreat. We are always keen to give back to the development community. And we are thankful to Nelkinda for providing us with an opportunity to exchange coding experiences with all the attendees.”

“At Opcito, we always look for seamless client experience across the project lifecycle, the fundamental of such experience is coding. Coderetreat helps team members introspecting their coding, assets and taking them through Industry best practices and eventually following them in daily work. Coderetreat encourages software developers across the globe to practice and improve their way of coding,” says Abhishek Nag, Director – Business Development at Opcito Technologies.

All the participants enjoyed and learned about clean code, Conway’s game of life, SOLID principles, different approaches to code and other things related to software development. Opcito is committed to conducting such community initiatives regularly in coming future.

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