My Healthy Mind Youth Identity Program

The Youth Identity Program is a 5 day camp with key learning outcomes for anger management, emotional recognition and more.

A Parent Day is held on the final day of the program to give counselors an opportunity to discuss with parents the outcomes of the program.

What they learn

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Accountability is about what happens after an event has occurred. We teach the participants how to take ownership of the results, whatever they may be. Participants learn leadership skills by knowing how to be accountable for their actions, and by ensuring they know accountability is the first step to building trusting relationships.

Self control is a cognitive process learned at an early age. It is the ability to regulate your emotions, thoughts, and behavior in the face of temptations and impulses, such as anger or conflict. Learning self-control is required to allow participants to reach their goals, not only during the program but right through life. We urge our participants to show and exercise their self-control regularly whilst attending the program by pushing them to emotional limits and stepping in to show them more positive ways to control situations and feelings.

The benefits of resilience.

  • Coping with stress in a positive way is known as resilience, and it has many health benefits. It’s associated with longevity, lower rates of depression, and greater satisfaction with life. "There’s a sense of control, and it helps people feel more positive in general,"

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