Pay-As-You-Go Due Diligence Reports Launched by Business Intelligence Firm The Red Flag Group(R)

The Red Flag Group® has announced the launch of Pay-As-You-Go due diligence reports called IntegraCheck®, enabling organisations across the globe to access online reports with no monthly obligation or volume requirements. The new model signals a step forward for the industry in providing reporting and analytics when they are required, without tying a company to a lengthy contract.

IntegraCheck® provides organisations with key insights on targets supplemented by advice from The Red Flag Group® team, going beyond traditional compilations of media articles, questionnaires and watchlist hits. The Red Flag Group® experts critically review the data uncovered and explain its relevance and meaning to each client.

Scott Lane, CEO and Chairman of The Red Flag Group® said, “Our Pay-As-You-Go model makes due diligence data accessible to companies that may not have the resources to commit to a traditional contract. From third party due diligence to a potential acquisition, our business intelligence identifies all the key risks and relevant concerns. Helping clients meet their due diligence obligations and make better decisions in selecting their key stakeholders.”

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The launch of Pay-As-You-Go is tied to the release of the seventh generation of due diligence reports, IntegraCheck® 7.0. New features include an enhanced risk scoring system known as IntegraRating®, peer benchmarking, stronger interactive visuals, detailed business intelligence and targeted risk insights focusing on the industries and regions where clients operate. The Red Flag Group®’s improved localised insights help clients fully understand risks that are inherent in certain markets; enabling The Red Flag Group®’s Research and Analysis team to provide local insights whilst maintaining the highest global standards, expertise and practice.

Existing and prospective clients can easily order IntegraCheck® 7.0 online with simple monthly invoicing and no binding contractual obligations. Clients from any industry and of any size now have the affordability to order IntegraCheck® 7.0 using The Red Flag Group®’s Pay-As-You-Go model.

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