PRD Media Group’s CEO Interviewed At The Bangkok Private Blockchain Summit

At the recent Bangkok Private Blockchain Summit (BPBS), Steve Stanley, CEO of PRD Media Group, sat down for an in-depth interview about all things crypto. He is uniquely qualified in that he has been part of the cryptocurrency revolution since its inception. He was chosen by a panel of Blockchain dignitaries based on his firm’s work early on with emerging ICO’s.

Steve was asked about his view of the current crypto landscape: “Well, I am happy to report to this distinguished panel that the world of Crypto is alive and well. Yes, we have seen some rough times, but it is apparent to all who have been a part of this crypto phenomenon that Bitcoin is here to stay. As far as all of the Alt-Coins, only time will tell. Of course, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash and others show that they will be part of the landscape as well. Note that in a few short months we have seen Bitcoin go from the mid $3k mark to $13k. The Bitcoin Roller Coaster has a mind of its own.”

Samuel Kent, from a well-known Venture Cap firm, asked about how PRD Media Group was able to weather the storm: Steve replied, “My how things have changed. We used to see new ICO’s on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there were many scam ICO’s and that hurt our industry for sure. As a press release marketing agency, there was no way for us to determine which ICO startup was genuine or a setup scam. Many ICO’s just folded because of other considerations but had the best of intent.”

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He goes on to say, “PRD Media Group had the foresight to always be flexible with marketing strategies. As things changed, so must our promotional offerings. At the low point in new crypto offerings, we adjusted our pricing so as to help and not hinder new token launches. Some people lost a lot of money on Bitcoin and this reverberated throughout the investment community. As regulations became clearer and as the business sector started to embrace all things Blockchain, we saw a renewed vitality taking place. Our launch of reflects our continued leadership in the marketing aspects of the Blockchain and Crypto sectors.”

Next Steve was asked to explain PRD’s approach to dealing with the Crypto market: “It’s all about reaching your target audience. No other marketing aspect is more important. Many clients approach us with the desire to be in tech media like TechCrunch, Mashable and others. I ask them if they think their target audience, Crypto investors and enthusiasts, go to those sites to see what is happening in the Crypto community. The answer is no, the Crypto Media is the target of Crypto Investors and followers. Do a Google Search on Crypto Media and you will see what I mean.”

Steve goes on to say, “PRD Media Group was the first PR Marketing Agency to offer comprehensive marketing packages that included not only mainstream media but Guaranteed publication in Crypto Media, as defined in our several ICO PR Marketing Packages. On a cost per published media, no other marketing strategy even comes close.”

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