Eventify Showcases The Latest In Event Tech At Rise Conference 2019

Eventify – the new 360° B2B event management platform – is continuing to make waves. The platform has been included in the list of featured startups at Rise Conference 2019, the largest tech conference in Asia. This is a big achievement, and owner Hussain Fakhruddin is, understandably, delighted.

The head of the Teksmobile Korea chapter, Eric Jinsu Kang, is currently in Hong Kong, showcasing the Eventify platform to the global business audience at this year’s edition of Rise Conference. Hailing the event as ‘one of the very best events for startups’, Eric mentioned that the excellent networking opportunities at Rise Conference were just what the Eventify team was looking for. Teksmobile is looking to reach out to the maximum number of professional event planners across the globe, and Rise Platform provides just the right platform for doing that.

Becoming a featured startup will be beneficial for Eventify in a big way, feels software architect and Teks CEO Hussain Fakhruddin. With this tool, the Teksmobile team is trying to push the envelope and expand the possibilities of cutting-edge event technology. The scope to demonstrate it to a targeted audience from different countries is absolutely great, and Eric’s team is looking to make the best use of it.

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During a brief chat, Hussain reiterated that Eventify is a platform that takes paperless event promotions to the next level. As part of its end-to-end bouquet of digital event management services, Eventify offers an event app builder, an event website builder, and powerful tag-based networking, apart from doubling up as a user-friendly and seamless event ticketing platform. Elaborating further, Hussain pointed out that Eventify – for the first-time ever – offers event ticketing at a flat rate ($1/ticket). That, the veteran CEO feels, can be one of the main USPs of the product.

Unlike traditional app building exercises which take up to 6-8 weeks, making an event app or event website is only a matter of a couple of hours (or less). There is no coding involved, and event organisers can simply click to add features and sections. People can also schedule one-on-one appointments with like-minded fellow-attendees at an event. At Rise Conference 2019, Eric and his team are looking to showcase the top-notch user convenience that Eventify has on offer. Planners are often busy with last-minute preparations for upcoming conferences and trade shows – and cannot afford to spend too much time (or money, for that matter) for dedicated event app development. Eventify is a mighty helpful tool for such users.

At this year’s Rise Conference, Teksmobile will look to showcase some of the upcoming features in the Eventify platform. These include live polling, live Q&A sessions, lead scanning for exhibitors, and creation of more templates for the website builder. Hussain and Eric are equally excited about giving the audience at Rise Conference an overview of these features and collecting valuable feedback, suggestions and opinions about them. Participation in a high-profile tech event like this would help the developers in refining the features of Eventify further.

Getting featured in the ALPHA Startup Program at the Rise Conference 2019 comes close on the heels of Eventify getting included in the Google Cloud for Startups program. The Teks team is constantly making improvements in the platform and providing real-time support to event planners worldwide. For this year, the company has also announced exciting discounts on its plans. The hard work is now paying off – and over the next few months, Eventify looks likely to emerge as one of the best event management platforms in the market. Incidentally, the Eventify app is available for both iOS and Android.

This year’s Rise Conference will welcome corporate visitors from more than 100 countries – including a large chunk of participants from the senior management level. Representatives from several leading publication houses will also be present. Eric correctly pointed out that the event will serve as the perfect platform to maximise the exposure for Eventify. The event management platform has already been successfully used to create the official mobile apps for events like Nordic APIs Platform Summit, Nordic Smart Cities and Startcon 2018 – and over the next few quarters, the team has plans to collaborate with several more high-profile B2B events.

Visit https://eventify.io/ to find out more about the Eventify end-to-end event management platform. For a free demo or any other query, send an email to [email protected]. Eventify is redefining event technology – and getting featured at Rise Conference 2019 is the latest proof of that.

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