Teksmobile Participates In Rise Conference 2019

The largest tech conference in Asia is back in Hong Kong. The much-anticipated 4-day Rise Conference kicked off on the 8th of July at the Hong Kong Exhibition Center. Teksmobile – a global leader in custom software development – is taking part in the conference. The Teks team at Rise Conference 2019 is being headed by Eric Junsu Kang, the COO of Teksmobile Korea.

In an exclusive interview, Eric expressed his excitement at the excellent networking opportunities at the Rise Conference. This year, the number of registrations and visitors have been higher than ever before, and there are ample scopes to meet up with like-minded business peers. This event serves as a top-notch platform for startups from all around the globe to showcase their expertise – and the Teks team is primed to present the company’s position as a worldwide innovation leader.

The Night Summit events at this year’s Rise Conference will be particularly beneficial from a business perspective, opined a senior member from the Teksmobile team. A large contingent of full-stack developers is expected to be in attendance in these sessions, along with many software and tech engineers, and industry decision-makers. Over the four days of the event, Team Teks is set to get a lot of chances to seamlessly exchange information and learn the latest trends, updates, tools usage and strategies related to the technology sector.

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The extensive coverage of the Rise Conference is one of the biggest factors behind its huge popularity. At this year’s edition, Eric and his team have already come across professionals from diverse business sectors – right from automation technology and data science, to finance, artificial intelligence (AI), and other domains. The world of technology is in a constant state of flux – and newer, trickier challenges are coming up on a regular basis. At the Rise Conference, these global challenges will be deliberated upon in detail. As an industry leader in mobile app development, Teksmobile is always on the lookout to keep a tab on the latest industry developments – and Rise Conference is a great platform for that.

This year’s Rise Conference will be attended by a series of noted speakers – like Twich’s Kevin Lin, Uber’s Thuan Pam, Razer’s Min-Liang Tan, Spotify’s Cecilia Qvist and others. They will be sharing their industry experiences and presenting use cases to the large contingent of business delegates at the show. The Teksmobile Korea team will be attending several of these sessions – and the senior app developers are looking forward to gaining valuable knowledge. In all, Rise Conference 2019 will witness attendees from well over 100 countries – and more than 70% of the visitors will be from the senior management level. This is well and truly a high-profile technology conference.

Some of the biggest names in the industry – from Google to AWS, and from KPMG to Cathay Pacific – are participating as exhibitors at this year’s Rise Conference. Eric and his colleagues will get the chance to check out a range of breakthrough innovative tech solutions, showcased by these companies. That, in turn, will help the team to integrate the latest tech solutions and improve their software development services further.

Over the last couple of quarters, Teksmobile has been actively involved in augmented reality-based solutions, IoT development, and event technology. The team of developers at Rise Conference 2019 has already obtained many key insights related to this field, during the first two days of the event. Eric is quietly confident of getting more value out of the event and implementing the learnings in the best possible manner.

Given the fact that more than 700 leading journalists, including representatives from Bloomberg, BBC and The Economist, will be present here, the event serves as an ideal platform for Team Teks to amplify its reach and gain just the right sort of business exposure. Rise Conference lives up to its billing as one of the best events for startups – with the opportunities for reaching out to a global audience, highlighting the latest products & services, and forging mutually beneficial business connections being excellent.

From education technology and precision agriculture to event technology and AR/VR tools, Teksmobile has consistently offered up some of the most innovative tech products. Participation in Rise Conference 2019 will bolster its position as a global technology leader, feels Eric.

To know more about Teksmobile, click on http://www.teks.co.in. You can contact the global CEO – Mr Hussain Fakhruddin – by dropping an email to [email protected]. The entire Teks team was looking forward to participating in this year’s Rise Conference in Hong Kong, and they are indeed enjoying the experience.

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