Sarf, A Cryptocurrency for an Everyday use

Currently, the number one issue preventing adoption of bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies looking to replace fiat come from the speculative nature of the Crypto economy. The value of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other top currencies can fluctuate +- 20% within minutes. For the consumer, Sarf wants the ability to interface with businesses in the easiest way possible. Paying for a cup of coffee or a meal shouldn’t require a merchant to understand the many currencies Crypto holders want to pay in. Merchants shouldn’t have to worry about whether the money they made that day is now worth more or less by the end of the day.

As a means of tackling this issue Sarf decided to adopt a stable token system. Sarf can be converted to the fiat of your choice through the Sarf exchange and stored in your Sarf wallet. Through the use of the Sarf credit card you can then make purchases at your favorite businesses just as you would with your local fiat. Merchants accepting your payments no longer need to worry about whether that cup of coffee you just purchased is now worth 20% less or 20% more. Because all stable tokens are backed 100% in the Sarf vault, you will never have to worry about the devaluation of stable tokens.

Sarf wants to bring Crypto technology to the public in a way that allows them to easily process everyday transactions without the speculative worry. As a Sarf user you can exchange your Sarf tokens as needed through the platform and continue with your day like everyone else.

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The Sarf Pre-ICO begins August 15 2018. Check out their website and the great team at, join Sarf in pushing Crypto to the next step.

True adoption of Blockchain technology and Crypto Currencies is coming.

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