Vaioni Group Limited Sets to Revolutionise the UK Business Connectivity Market

  • Vaioni Group Limited, a market leading, and multi-award-winning national network operator, has announced its ambitious plans to revolutionize the UK’s connectivity industry. Through a multi-million-pound investment in its internet connectivity network (V.E.N.), Vaioni is to build one of the most advanced and powerful internet networks in the UK.

Vaioni is committed to alleviating the issues that thousands of UK businesses still face with slow and unreliable internet connectivity backed by poor and cumbersome service. Standardising 1Gb and 10Gb superfast internet services, Vaioni’s connectivity network (V.E.N.) currently connects over 60 cities and towns, 96 exchanges and 180,000 postcodes throughout the UK. This latest expansion announcement will see V.E.N. become one of the UK’s largest and most sophisticated connectivity networks, connecting to approximately 80% of UK businesses. Built on Vaioni’s Core Network, which boasts a 100% uptime for the last 3 years, V.E.N. a business-only internet network, delivers ultrafast speeds with the highest reliability and security, to enable businesses to grow and provide them with right tools to gain a competitive advantage.

The new connectivity infrastructure will incorporate a highly sophisticated Software Defined Network (SDN) capability, putting Manchester businesses in control of their connectivity for the first time by empowering them with the ability to manage and make changes to their own internet networks instantly, delivering unlimited flexibility and agility. V.E.N. will include dozens of SDN features, including Elastic Bandwidth, allowing its customers to increase and decrease bandwidth as and when required, in real-time. What’s more, Vaioni customers benefit from the highest level of customer service, support and fast provisioning, which is backed by an industry leading SLA, delivering extraordinary connectivity to businesses across Manchester and throughout the UK.

Sachin Vaish, Managing Director, Vaioni Group Limited comments “There is a real need for a Business-Only Network Operator which can deliver the speeds and agility a modern business requires. We are working with world-class businesses and world-class technologies and working closely with the Government’s initiatives in building world-class connectivity for British businesses to compete even better at a global level. So, our objective is simple, to build and revolutionize the connectivity industry, delivering superfast speeds, which incorporates intelligence and automation from an industry which is riddled with poor speeds, poor service and long waiting times to get even the most basic things done, which is not so modern you may say. Businesses today want service now, at the fastest internet speeds, with the ability to adapt their internet connections and networks to the needs of their business with a few clicks in an app, with little to no technical expertise. Imagine being able to increase internet bandwidth within seconds through a few clicks in an app for example, which normally would take several weeks to do with the traditional connectivity providers! I can proudly say, UK businesses will finally get all of this and much more from Vaioni.”

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Vaioni works with hundreds of SME’s and multi-tenanted businesses throughout the UK, including Grant Thornton UK LLP, Manchester Airport Group, Russell Hobbs and Drax Power.

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