ScopeMaster Integrates with Jira – for better user stories

5th November 2018 authors of the innovative AI-powered analyzer of written software requirements are pleased to announce integration with Atlassian’s Jira. "With this integration, Jira cloud users can benefit from ScopeMaster’s analyzer from inside Jira, avoiding the need to maintain user requirements in two places. Agile teams can now conveniently enjoy the "ultimate in shift-left testing" said founder, Colin Hammond.


ScopeMaster’s analysis engine detects the primary functional intent of each requirement statement, and in doing so can highlight potential errors. According to Colin, it "helps you fix bugs before you even start writing code". ScopeMaster’s ability to detect problems with user stories is so effective that some customers are reporting up to 20x efficiency improvements in user story grooming. Instead of taking 5 hours effort to find and fix requirements problems, it’s taking only 15 minutes. Using ScopeMaster in the early stages of a software project can help to avoid rework, reduce cost, reduce scope creep, shorten schedules and reduce risks on most types of software projects. "…simply amazing" Professor Alain Abran, Software Engineering Research Laboratory at the École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS) – Université du Québec.

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About Jira and the ScopeMaster Plugin

Atlassian’s Jira is probably the world’s most popular repository for software user stories, boasting over 100,000 customers. The ScopeMaster plugin enhances the value of Jira to Agile software teams, allowing each user story to be analyzed by ScopeMaster’s engine for automated sizing and defect detection.

The ScopeMaster plugin is available as a 30-day free trial to all Jira Cloud users, followed by a monthly subscription charge. There is no need to sign up at beforehand. Once installed, the plugin will connect with ScopeMaster to analyze user stories for quality and sizing.

ScopeMaster Plugin on the Atlasssian Marketplace

Professional Software Metrics

In addition to finding requirements defects, ScopeMaster automates most of the work of software sizing. It generates estimates in ISO-standard (ISO/IEC 19761:2011) COSMIC function points, a metric that is very suitable for contract negotiation and project management.

Game Changing

On most software projects many bugs can be traced back to faulty requirements (typically 16-20%). These bugs are often undetected until later in the development process when they can become very costly to fix. ScopeMaster is the only commercial tool that analyses the text of user stories to help you expose and <strong>fix those defects before the code is written</strong>. ScopeMaster is subject to a UK patent application. Using ScopeMaster, project managers will benefit from a greater certainty, shorter timescales, and more predictable plans.

About ScopeMaster Ltd

ScopeMaster Ltd is a startup company based in Marlow, UK. Its primary focus is the development and support of its innovative SAAS product, ScopeMaster. A small training and consultancy division also helps CIOs and project leaders leverage the value of the tool in the areas of scope control, project assurance, portfolio sizing, and vendor management.

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