High quality drone photography comes to Perth, WA

Droneskie, a leading Perth drone photography business is now offering cost-effective drone real estate photography. Until very recently Perth based real estate agents have had to pay top dollar to get high-quality aerial imagery for their listing, but this has all changed with the arrival of Droneskie.

Droneskie launched onto the wider Perth real estate scene earlier in 2018 and has already set the tone and the direction for future drone real estate project work in Perth.

Droneskie’s founder and chief pilot, Bruce Hearder believes that the whole concept of drone imagery with regards to real estate listing is about to change.

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Mr. Hearder said that a perfect storm of recent high-quality drones being released onto the market, more sensible drone laws recently announced and increasing tech-savvy real estate owners means that there is going to be a huge swell in demand for drone-based aerial imagery in the very near future.

Drone photography is rapidly replacing existing aerial capture platforms such as fixed wind aircraft and helicopters that have been used in the past. Although this is great reliable platforms that can be very expensive to use and not always available at short notice.

Modern drones are small, very quiet and can be fitted with state of the art, cinema-quality cameras. This enables drones to be launched and retrieved in populated areas without disturbing the surrounding residents.
The drone imagery, be it still photography or video footage, is immediately available for download as soon as the aircraft lands and the real estate agent could be posting aerial imagery of their properly listing within minutes of a flight being completed.

Using the latest drones available, Droneskie is able to offer high quality aerial real estate imagery for both residential and commercial properties across the Perth metro area.
Being fully certified by CASA (Civil Aviation & Safety Authority) and carrying out full safety audits before each and every flight means that every Droneskie flight is a safe and successful venture.

Find out more at https://droneskie.com.au

To find out more about Droneskie and their use of drone technology, call 0412-502-105 or visit the link above.

Contact Info:
Name: Bruce Hearder
Address: 8 Brushfield Way, Gwelup, WA, 6018, Australia
Phone: 0412-502-105

Find on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/vgKZMCjjAWx

For more information, please visit https://droneskie.com.au

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