Partnership Between Telco and Blockchain to Bring a Revolutionary Change in Online Data Sharing

The crypto world has attained new dimension with business and tech companies linking blockchain into the Global Telco industry. These two domains will together be able to convert mobile data into binary monetization.

The constant and ever-evolving demand of the telecom customers regarding free data consumption and also the one true pairing (OTP) market situation are creating hassles in the industry and this new development is going to address all these problem situations by bringing in better solutions.

Zuilifiqar Khan, CEO, at Mobility MEA that offers best in class solutions & services across Enterprise Mobility Management, said: “I’m thrilled finally to work with carriers on the last mile and create a win-win solution. At our company, we are strong believers how mobile data can be used and distributed.”

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The aim is to deliver content that is determined and in sync with the subscribers’ interests and working with the SOCIFI platform will allow them to be very directed and focused as they deliver content into our ecosystem. SOCIFI is a monetization and communication tool that allows network providers to benefit by monetizing 4G/LTE/Wi-Fi access, delivering specific content and advertising, and by receiving in-depth analytics of customer and user attributes. The intention is to help turn this unfairly positioned market into a sustainable and fair one.

Derek Roga, CEO at EQUIIS Technologies said: “Delivering content in an organized, thoughtful, and direct manner is a key to success in a crowded market that spits out trillions of bytes of data (content) by the second. Consumers are easily fatigued by the huge amount of content they are inundated with; most often the content is of little value other than nuisance value and sadly lost amongst the noise.” EQUIIS for Enterprise is a secure collaboration solution that gives organizations centralized communication control between mobile and desktop devices. It ensures total privacy and compliance for all types of calls, texts and data transfer

The cutting-edge collaboration between Telco global leaders aims to revolutionize the industry by further strengthening solutions and the way content is shared in the online space. This crucial partnership will bring together their knowledge and products that will create a potent solution that will bring a sea of changes on how the industry uses data and blockchain.


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