Launch of UK’s first interactive virtual garden room showroom

Summer House 24 has launched a fully interactive garden room showroom in virtual reality in Totnes, Devon on Monday 12th November 2018.

Using HTC Vive latest and most innovative virtual reality system, Summer House 24 has developed the software to make it easier for their prospective buyers visualise and choose a garden room in a fully immersive experience.

John McQueen, CEO of Summer House 24 comments: “We strive to bring our customers something different every time. That could be our modern looking Hansa line range of cabin designs, functionality such as German made Roto tilt and turn windows or exceptional value. Now, we are proud to continue our innovation and lead the way by bringing interactive virtual reality technology to the garden building sector”

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He further added: “Summerhouse24 is a relatively new entrant to the garden building sector but we have already become known as a market disruptor. With three consecutive years of high growth, we are now embarking on rolling out display sites across the UK. In addition to a physical presence, we are proud to be the first in our industry to have developed an interactive Virtual Reality system. Using the very latest HTC Vive technology, customers can walk around our cabins and change the buildings style, colour and even the furniture! We truly believe that virtual reality is here to stay and it will shape the future of architecture’

The current HTC Vive users can download free software from the company’s website and access the virtual showroom from the comfort of their home or office.

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About The Company

Summerhouse 24, a member of the Hansa Garden Group, is an international company that designs, produces, sells, and delivers log cabins to countries including the UK, Germany, Finland, Sweden and Spain.

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