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The Question rise in everyone’s mind is still mini militia exists in 2018?? The Mini Militia is one of the best Multiplayer Online and Offline Game. Where maximum 6 members can play it Online and 12 members can play it via Wi-Fi connection. This game is available for Android, IoS and PC as well. On PC you can run it through as an Emulator. As our new generation peoples like to play Shooting games, For them Mini militia is the best choice to have more fun and enjoy. Now there are some games in a market which are doing great than Mini militia, but still, Mini Militia exists in 2018. Let’s understand in brief.

Why Mini Militia Exists in 2018?

History of Mini Militia Game

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Mini-Militia is free to play 2D shooter game released for Android & iOS. This game was released for iOS Devices on April 5, 2011, and for Google Play Store on Android on March 18, 2015. This game was listed as one of the top leading game in 2017 by Apple. In this game mode, the player gets training at Officer Candidate school by a trainer named Sarge. Sarge teaches the basics of movements, control and weapon usage with some targets and the use of robots. In 2018, also the Mini Militia game is in boom and exist.

Developers: Appsomniacs

Platform: Android, iOS

Early Versions: Doodle Army Boot Camp, Doodle Army 2

Mode: Multiplayer Online and Offline, Single Player

Licence Modal: Free with optional in-app purchases.

Why is Mini Militia so Addictive?

This game is launched in 2015 but still, Mini Militia is existed in 2018 due to their some of the additive features. This game works on almost every smartphone. Doesn’t require high-end hardware. Most important is, It’s Multiplayer Game connect to the hotspot and start the game anywhere [Offline]. This game is become so much addictive because of its Simplicity. Also, this game can be played on every device with Android Version 3.0+.

I could play this game the whole day without any sort of fatigue. Makes me and my friends laugh at all time about the funny moments of the game like:

  • Accidentally Falling and dying on Mines.
  • When you and your friend born in the same spot.
  • When you try to hide in the green bushes and find that someone is already there.

Comparison of Mini Militia with Other Games

Nowadays, There are many games getting launched but still, people are loving mini-militia. Why?? Let’s Compare our Mini Militia game with known and famous game PUBG. PUBG is also Multiplayer Online Game which is widely played nowadays. Mini-Militia is Offline Multiplayer Game while PUBG is Online, Mini Militia Player’s don’t need to worry about Server fails and some other online issues. As well as we can play Mini Militia offline in multiplayer by connecting Wi-Fi to one Hotspot. PUBG needs a lot of resources as well as it is battery and performance consuming game while Mini Militia is just 40–50 MB game with Simple and Battery efficient power.

Mini-Militia Vs Other Online Games

Many people’s are aware of the Mods of Mini Militia game. While in PUBG there is no any mod because it is Online Game. There are many mods available for Mini Militia game which are Pro Pack mode, God Mod, Super Hero Mod, Ultimate Health mod, Ultimate Jetpack and Bullet mode and many more. Mini-Militia Mod contains the unlocked features of mini militia pro APK. You can also play Mini militia Multiplayer with LAN Wi-Fi. So, these are some of the features over other high-ended games. That’s why still Mini Militia exists in 2018. You can also checkout Mini Militia Mod apk.

So, That’s it guys! I hope you will like these MODs! Don’t forget to Share this Post with your friends to help them out to get the Unlimited Fun!!

Mini Militia Hack APK Version

Just download the APK file by clicking “Download the Mod” button below. We suggest downloading the Mini Militia mod and Mini Militia hack APK file from the UC browser since the downloading speed is much faster than any other browsers. Once you download the APK file, just install it using APK file installer. If you don’t have the APK file installer, then download it by clicking here. This mod works on both mobile and desktop. We have even shared how to play Mini Militia on your computer.

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