Singapore’s Start-Up Launches World’s First All-In-One Digital Currency App To Drive Mass Adoption

  • Started off as a media company, AsiaTokenFund (ATF) have over 80,000 Subscribers and strong social media followings. ATF aims to get the general public to adopt cryptocurrency easily.
  • The current method to acquire cryptocurrency and utilize it is too complicated for the general public. With an All-In-One App, ATF will be the only one-stop platform that new users will need to start their cryptocurrency journey.
  • ATF allows a user to read the latest news, market analysis, Store their cryptocurrency, buy or sell cryptocurrency, transfer to friends or purchase using cryptocurrency at merchants.

A team of Singaporean startup will be launching the world’s first all-in-one digital finance mobile application to help the general public come onboard to the world of digital currency or better known as a cryptocurrency.

Started off as a media portal AsiaTokenFund, the company has launched the app called ATF to integrate its media platform with a dynamic cryptocurrency “store & utilize” platform. The company realized that as more and more real-businesses are moving into blockchain and adopting cryptocurrency, there is a need to bring more people from the general public into the industry by adopting and utilizing cryptocurrency in everyday life. The main issue is that, at the present moment, it is very difficult or troublesome for a new-to-crypto user to come onboard as the processes are so segmented.

“Right now if a new user wants to obtain a cryptocurrency, he/she have no idea what it is. He/she will have to read information about it somewhere. Next, he will need to download and set up a wallet and thereafter find a OTC or platform to buy his first cryptocurrency. Thereafter, he’ll have to find other platform to trade or download other app to make payments. It’s just too fragmented with too many processes. You can’t drive mass adoption this way” Said Ken N, Co-Founder & CEO of ATF.

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With ATF Platform / App , users will be able to read the latest news on what’s happening in the blockchain & cryptocurrency space , get the latest market analysis , find out what new currencies are out there to purchase and learn some basic information.

Adding to that, users will also be assigned their own asset function which comes with a secured wallet to store and utilize their cryptocurrency. In the asset function, users can also purchase cryptocurrency using fiat via bank-transfer or credit / debit cards. Users can also sell their cryptocurrency with the same method.

In Addition, users can transfer cryptocurrency to peers for free. With the added supported merchant function, users can now purchase items listed in the app by merchants and pay by cryptocurrency. What more, users can also use the ATF app to scan & pay directly at merchant physical shop using their digital currencies.

“We’ve real companies embarking to accept digital currencies. Recently, we’ve seen in the news that Starbucks will soon start to accept bitcoin as payment in the US. We’ve also seen news on Facebook announcing its cryptocurrency. I foresee in the near future, more real businesses especially merchants will be able to accept cryptocurrency. There is a gap in the market to provide a one-stop-solution. I hope we are able to do just that” Said Ken N.

The full function of the app can be summarized as follow:

  • News, Research Articles & Market Analysis.
  • Latest Project Fundraising, issuing new cryptocurrency for purchase.
  • Secured Wallet to store cryptocurrency.
  • OTC, fiat-to-crypto purchase or sell cryptocurrency.
  • Aggregated to Exchange for trading.
  • Transfer crypto peer-to-peer for free.
  • Purchase in-app merchant listed items.
  • Scan & Pay at merchant physical store using crypto.

ATF currently have over 80,000 subscribers on their media channel and social media following of over 140,000 in Facebook and other platforms. Headquartered in Singapore, ATF have international teams based in Shanghai, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Germany.

ATF Mobile App will be launched in both the Google Play store and Apple store in the first week of April 2019. The company is now set to raise its Series A equity funding to support its global expansion initiatives.

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