Nth Round Helps Private Companies Create Liquidity Platforms

  • Nth Round is a SAAS company with a liquidity platform that addresses equity challenges, apprehensive shareholders and fundraising difficulties. With fewer companies going public due to regulatory requirements, and strategic sales being risky and time-consuming, liquidity in private companies is more necessary than ever.

The company was founded by entrepreneurs Graham McConnell and Chris McConnell after receiving venture funding in the summer of 2018 from New Enterprise Associates (NEA). “Nth Round is everything you get from an IPO except loss of control,” said Graham McConnell, co-founder and CEO of Nth Round. “Our vision is a near-term world where every private company is formed with a liquidity platform, making fundraising and investor relations more productive and simple.”

The liquidity platform enhances the fundraising efforts of early stage companies by allowing for immediate liquidity on company stock. The platform is blockchain-enabled, powered by the ethereum smart contract platform, which provides the custodial, escrow, and permanent ledger capabilities at a very low cost.

The legal structure deployed by Nth Round’s platform allows companies to raise money more easily while the voting control remains with the original shareholders. Nth Round tokenizes the private company shares and the ethereum network enforces secure, transparent, and rapid settlement of transactions between participants.

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Established companies can use the liquidity platform to solve a range of perplexing liquidity problems such as cleaning up a messy capitalization table and facilitating liquidity for venture capital portfolios or employees and new investors like family offices or accredited individuals that are keen to participate.

The platform also includes an investor relations module, a portal for the company to market an investment opportunity to potential investors, and a way for shareholders to easily refer friends to companies to request participation.

Nth Round has 8 full-time and part-time employees. They are currently launching on a larger scale now that they are live with beta clients and continue to onboard more users.

About Nth Round
Nth Round is facilitating liquidity for privately held companies using a blockchain technology on the ether. It’s funded by a $4.3 m seed round, $3 m of which is from New Enterprise Associates.

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