Soxax Social Media Platform, threaten to beat Facebook using block-chain technology

The Block-chain Technology is no doubt one of the biggest innovations after the internet itself, it has disrupted so many industries and brought about amazing revolution to some sectors of human endeavors. There is no gain saying that social media is now a part and parcel of the 21st century businesses, family and economy that is helping in connecting people and promoting businesses.

There are numerous businesses that owe their growth and brand presence to the advent of most social media platforms. Up till the recent discovery made by Cambridge analytica, people won’t have realized how much of their personal data are left in the open,unprotected and unsecured. The shocking discovery of how much our private data are used to target adverts by big data companies is still shocking. As a result of these and more, a solution is needed to make social media platform more decentralized, protected, secured and more cutting edge.

Soxax is a decentralized block-chain based social networking platform that rewards users for interacting, content upload, likes, comment, shares and general engagement on the platform. Built on the Proof of social and proof of activity algorithm, a new blockchain algorithm that generates the soxax dollar as users interact daily on the platform allowing every user to earn for their activities.

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Soxax platform is built to protect users data and privacy by using the end to end encryption, no user data ever leaves the platform or can ever be tampered by anyone.

Earning on the soxax platform is easy, join the millions of users and interact, post, like, comment, share watch and chat. Just by doing this you earn the soxax dollar, the cryptocurrency of the soxax platform, with other amazing features, soxax was built with you in mind, with soxax you get to be the fun and amazing person you are and get rewarded for being social.

Soxax is putting back the powers of social media in your hands, you have your data safe and you make money for interacting on soxax.

Soxax is launching the first decentralized social media platform on the Block-chain with an initial coin offering starting on the 12th April 2018 that runs through to 12th August 2018 and a pre-sale on the 8th of April 2018 to give everyone an opportunity to buy into the biggest movement of the 21st century. Join at

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