The Key To Wellness Isn’t What You Thought

The key to happiness isn’t what you thought (hint: mindfulness is only part of it). The real deal is abundance, and on December 2019, one can use The Abundance Game app — based on the 29-day Abundance Game program — to swipe their way to total wellness through abundance.

The Abundance Game app starts with a seven-minute analysis that creates one’s unique abundance blueprint detailing areas where abundance will bring the most change in one’s life. This blueprint generates a personalized seven-day plan featuring daily activities, challenges and meditations that blend abundance with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) principles to create emotional, mental and physical wellness.

While many think of abundance as money, the wellness-creating paradigm in The Abundance Game app and 29-day program is based on true abundance, which is a state of giving and receiving freely and fully — within oneself and with other people.

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Abundance affects one’s thoughts, emotions, patterns of behaviour, and even health habits, making it a powerful, holistic tool for total wellness and lasting happiness.

The Abundance Game explores seven areas where there is the dominance of abundance or lack: spiritual (soul-level) abundance, self-expression, family relationships, social and romantic connections, meaningful occupation, one’s body and material wealth.

"We all deserve an abundant life filled with joy and meaning. The belief that we’re not worthy to receive fully … that’s an illusion. It’s time we rejected this illusion because it creates a lack in our minds, our hearts, our relationships, in our bodies. This lack is responsible for our unhappiness, and it stops us from showing up for ourselves in all the ways that matter."

— Samantha De Silva
Author, The Abundance Game

The Abundance Game program and app were created by Samantha De Silva, a writer and life coach who released a political parody game app in September 2018, ‘Where’s Najib?’ which broke into the top 10 and 20 Apple App Store charts for action games in Malaysia and Singapore respectively.

“I chose to focus on my own healing rather than game development at this point because, despite the big win, I felt like something was missing. I’d previously experienced depression, anxiety, emotional and physical abuse as well as sexual assault in my 20s. While this didn’t still haunt me at that point, I yearned to be more complete. Then I discovered the abundance modality for transformation and personal growth. I refined and developed The Abundance Game as a structured program for myself at first, but when I saw how deep and powerful the change was, I knew I had to share this. We all deserve to feel more, to be more, to be loved more — especially by ourselves.”

— Samantha De Silva
Author, The Abundance Game

The app will launch on December 2019 in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, and users can sign up for early access here:

The 29-day Abundance Game program is available as an e-book at USD $4.99 until 29 September 2019 here: It’s also available on Amazon’s Kindle store here: The e-book’s RRP on both platforms is USD $9.99.

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