The leading BLDC Fan manufacturer company “OCECO” to launch a new Fansio series fan.

The company called OCECO ENERGY PVT LTD, Which established in 2015 at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. They are the manufacturer of the latest and efficient technology-driven bldc fan. Because of Bldc technology in the ceiling fan, one can save up to Rs. 1500/Year in their electricity bill per fan.

Today, OCECO adding one more Fan series in their product portfolio called Fansio Series Bldc fans. This fansio series bldc fan has three variants, one variant Fansio comes with the advance remote function features, second variants Fansio Light comes with remote and 9W Panel light which can be dimmable as per requirement. And the third variant Fansio Smart which comes with IoT features, this Fansio Smart fan can control through Alexa, google home and mobile application.

According to Mr.Harsh Patel co-founder of the company said “After researching of consumer behavior that customer not only wants energy-efficient appliances but they need energy-efficient appliances with advanced features and attractive looks, like Tesla cars in Electrical vehicles. Our fansio series fans which aim to fulfill this requirement of the customer”

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As per the recent survey, there are 400 million fans in India, most of the fans are currently driven old and inefficient technology. If this 400 million fans can replace by this oceco bldc fan then this can save huge amounts of electricity, coal and reduce Co2 footprint. As per oceco website they are determined to replace this old and inefficient ceiling fan by their bldc fans.

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