Agostino Sibillo, “Father Of Cloud Computing,” Unveils New AR Patent And Exclusive $50m LaLiT Contract with Eco-Global

Agostino Sibillo –known as the “father of cloud computing”– today announced his latest breakthrough, a patent for a new Augmented Reality (AR) technology which allows people to share messages and objects with other people.

The patent, 9,940,477, is expected to become one of the most valuable in the field of AR thanks to its many uses, which include generating highly-targeted messages and personalized advertisements in AR using sophisticated geolocation-based encryption to view the content securely.

The patent filed also suggests that the technology can be used in other ways, such as advertisement and finessing information available on scavenger hunts to various participants depending on how many clues they have found.

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“Many of us are familiar with AR in a limited form from apps such as SnapChat, which overlay digital content with elements of the real world as if they’re actually there,” said Sibillo. “My new patent goes beyond this to bring almost endless new possibilities in commercial and domestic settings.”

Sibillo’s AR patent is not the only thing the renowned Italian American tech inventor has been working on; in another announcement today, he revealed that a new, $50 million licensing agreement for his latest invention, LaLiT, had been signed. The deal, which represents a major victory for Sibillo, is expected to revolutionize the way that people use the internet.

LaLiT is a new method to transmit data which uses laser technology, which travels at the speed of light. The implications of using this technology to transfer data online are profound, bringing currently unimaginable speeds that current internet protocols and communication devices cannot match and a new way to encrypt data.

“This is a defining moment in the history of online technology and marks the beginning of a new era of speedy communications,” said Sibillo. “This is a momentous occasion – and one that will be remembered in future years as one of the most significant of the early 21st century moments in tech.”

The licensing agreement was signed between Spacenet, which owns LaLiT, and James Kim, Chairman of Eco-Global. Kim is well-known in Brazil as President Jair Bolsonaro’s right-hand man, suggesting that Brazil may be one of the first countries to benefit from LaLiT.

Currently, the details of the contract are shrouded in secrecy, with more information expected to be revealed in the coming week. For more information about patent 9,940,477 or LaLiT, please visit For all general and media inquiries, please contact Agostino Sibillo at [email protected].

About Agostino Sibillo

Agostino Sibillo, who is regarded by many as the “father” of cloud technology and multitasking technology, is one of the 21st century’s most important inventors with several patents believed to be used by 95% of all online business. Sibillo also helps governments to create new laws for internet privacy, cybersecurity, and online profit generation. He holds two Ph.D.’s – one in Law and another in Software Engineering.

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