Dry Float Beds for Complimentary Community Use at Soothe & Main Stores

Soothe & Main Retail Stores are pleased to announce the release of zero gravity dry float beds. Soothe & Main sells high quality CBD products that work, coupled with the most effective health modalities such as cryogenics and infrared saunas.

Dry float beds offer guests an immersive floatation experience. Our beds are user-friendly and have an innovative patented membrane for total relaxation. During your dry float session, the bed will simulate zero gravity, giving customers a feeling of complete weightlessness. This, paired with relaxing music, relieves muscle tension and leads to a transcendental state.

Each Soothe & Main store will have two dry float beds, one will be available by appointment, the other will be available for anyone in the community to use on a first come first serve basis.

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“The reason for starting these outlets are so we can help provide relief to the millions of Americans who suffer from the effects of stress and inflammation. Part of our pledge to democratize wellness includes having modalities for people to use, whether they can afford the treatment or not. Our community use float bed is just one way that we are showing our commitment to everyone’s health.” Says Kevin Roberts, COO of Parent company United States Consumer Healthcare Advocacy Group.

For more information on Soothe & Main and its mission contact [email protected]. If you are interested in becoming a licensee, visit our website at www.SootheAndMain.com and for more information on US Consumer Healthcare Advocacy Group visit www.USCHAG.com

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