Levolution Establishes its First Group of Service Providers

Levolution, trading at Coineal.com and P2PB2B.io, trading pair (LEVL-BTC), is proud to announce that it has made a tremendous effort to enhance its burgeoning ecosystem; establishing its first group of service providers.

Succeeding Levolutions partnership with Sum & Substance, the team has been bombarded with service provider requests. In an effort to ensure that customer compliance demands are met and the utmost customer service is provided, the Levolution team has extensively reviewed its list of service providers to verify those that can thoroughly assist customers throughout the entire ITO processes. Levolution conclusively decided to onboard seven service providers that met the necessary on-boarding requirements.

The selected service providers and their core competencies are listed below:

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  • Easy Listing — (Fundraising, Project Listing, Liquidity Transfers, Inbound Marketing)
  • Vitor Services — (Guerrilla Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Creation, Fundraising)
  • Cryptogang — (Branding, Website Design & Development, Pitch Deck Development)
  • Motion Factory — (Visual Content Production, Voice Over Production, SEO)
  • Coins Telegram — (Cryptocurrency News Distributor)
  • Six Pl — (SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, White Paper Content Writing)
  • Krypto Launcher — (Content Marketing, Branding, Exchange Listing)

For those Levolution platform users looking to take advantage of these customizable solutions, each service provider accepts the LEVL Token as a means of payment. This is yet another way that we assure your ITO process is made easy.

This feat looks to be one of Levolution’s most momentous efforts to increase platform usage, ultimately leading to yet another ecosystem expansion and rapid advancement of global adoption. Levolution expects that many more partnership and service provider requests will arise following the successful on boarding of its first group of ecosystem constituents. Levolution will continue to put its users first, ensuring that the selected partners and/or service providers meet the required customer compliance demands and provide astounding customer service.

About Levolution

Levolution marries the latest blockchain technology with a groundbreaking ITO platform to aid blockchain startup companies in breaking through barriers to entry. Relying on social incubation and the team’s core internal competencies, the Levolution platform aims to help companies attack these barriers by sourcing innovative strategies from community members and ITO participants.

To learn more about the Levolution platform, please visit: http://levolution.io

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