The New Platform That Will Revolutionize The Web

Tombola is already creating a lot of hype in the circuit as it is likely to emerge as the new de facto standard of the world game and the lottery platform. This is going to be the first cryptocurrency-lottery and gambling-platform and it is going to be completely based on EOS.

Some of the key standpoints that are going to cement the popularity of Tombola include the following:

Free to Use: Tombola comes with no fee as the platform is made using the EOS blockchain. So, investors and even players can heave a sigh of relief.

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Zero Manipulation Possibility: As Tombola has been designed using the EOS blockchain methodology, there is absolutely no scope for any kind of manipulation of the results of the game which adds to the transparency and definitely increases the trust factor among the players too.

Token holders’ delight: This is definitely a huge incentive for all the token holders as Tombola has decided to distribute 50% of the profits amassed from all games to the token holders at regular intervals of time.

The token sale for Tombola is all set to begin very shortly and the countdown has already kick-started on its site. There is no doubt that the buzz generated already is an indicator of how successful it is going to be. Since times immemorial, the concept has managed to intrigue too many people and this is why the Tombola platform was shaped after careful and meticulous consideration of too many parameters.

The Blockchain Technology and Tombola
Blockchain technology is the new big thing which has truly revolutionized the whole web. It has essentially created a new backbone for the internet. Initially, it was devised for the sake of Bitcoin, the digital currency but its use and scope has increased manifold ever since.

It has emerged as one of the leading software platforms for all types of digital assets. It acts like a constantly increasing set of records which are termed as blocks that get linked and stays together. The data value is secured by making apt use of cryptography standard.

When it comes to gaming, one of the core concerns has to be security and the possibility of manipulation so as to hoodwink the other players. By maximizing smart use of the blockchain technology, Tombola has managed to craft the kind of platform that can truly make a difference. There are zero chances of any manipulation of numbers and/or results. At the same time, the use of cryptography standard means that every transaction being carried out is fully secure and won’t compromise any details of the players whatsoever.

So, potential investors who are looking to invest their money in platforms that are likely to be popular and emerge successful in the times to come should make it a point to explore Tombola. This is likely to be one of the most talked about and popular gambling and lottery platforms. The robustness and the varied features along with the ease with which users will be able to play here would make Tombola the numero uno choice for too many players. Tombola has been designed to offer reward coins and also free Gas fee as well. This makes it symbolic of cryptocurrency lottery.

The Key Currency in The Game Industry
The developers of Tombola have given great thought into the whole process and this is why they decided to have Tombola as the coin which can be used widely in the blockchain gaming industry. It will be developed thoroughly and might become the next big thing too soon.

How Fair Would It Truly Be?
The Tombola game is going to be fair because it would actually be creating a hash value with seeds which in turn will be generated at random in the EOS chain along with the seeds in the players. It is the Tombola algorithm, which will be used by the hash value so as to come up with the game results. Also, the result is going to be stored in the blockchain. So, the whole process behind the lottery and gambling is going to be very well established, technically sound, safe and secure.

With these details at your fingertips, it is now easier to decide why funding the Tombola looks like great thing to do. The token sale is all set to open shortly and with the ICO being prepared in Hong Kong, the developers surely are waiting with anxious breath to see how the funding turns out to be.

With so many start-ups prospering and an equal number failing, it is clear that Tombola made the smart choice by venturing into the gaming industry and making use of the technology of today and tomorrow – blockchain cryptocurrency.

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