Two Develop Game-Changing Platform for Service Businesses –

A Finn and Sri Lankan business owner transformed their coffee catering company into a platform for change in the service industry. Serviceform began in 2017 when the founders faced the challenge of scaling their popular, Melbourne-based service company effectively. They developed a research-backed and data-driven platform that now offers customizable scaling solutions to an endless list of businesses.

Building off their combined entrepreneur and hospitality experience, they created the platform, Serviceform, to alleviate the time constraints involved in dealing with constant requests to host events. The platform provides an online avenue for clients to customize their event experience. Complete with custom quotes, scheduling, and payment processing, it cuts down on the back and forth calls to customers. It is a truly scalable solution.

Serviceform is a tool that allows any business to create their own customized booking solution easily. The process is simple. Depending on your company, you can select one of the many templates aimed at hundreds of service focused industries. Whether you own a law firm, a real-estate company, a catering company or even a flower shop, there’s a form for you.

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Serviceform was developed by industry professionals who have a firsthand understanding of the demands on businesses in the service sector. Their platform helps eliminate common problems and time-consuming processes associated with catering events. The core feature in Serviceform is Automatic Quote Generation. It allows customers to receive a quote from your business without showing pricing, helping you remain competitive while cutting down on unnecessary emails and phone calls.

The two founders are Jarkko Oksanen, a native of Finland, and Iranthi Gomes, who comes from Sri Lanka. They met in 2015 and created Wheelys, a successful hospitality service company that capitalized on the coffee culture of Melbourne, Australia. Using their experiences in the industry, they created Serviceform as a solution to their own business problems. After seeing results, they developed the software to support a varied of service-related industries.

If you’re curious about how this simple, powerful scheduling software will help maximize you and your customers’ experience, request a demo today. Then sit back and watch Serviceform optimize your business. For more information on Serviceform, check out their blog and gain a deeper insight into the many features this competitive platform has to offer.

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