WeKu launches blockchain ‘community-as-a-service’ social network platform with 50,000 members

WeKu, an Austin-based startup developing a blockchain-enabled community-as-a-service platform, announced its live platform launch after its beta release recently surpassed 50,000 users in two months. The WeKu platform allows content creators, organizations and communities to create their own digital social networks with customized incentives for viewing and sharing content, with a toolkit of blockchain & social network features to develop your own digital community.

With multi-language support, WeKu’s platform gives content creators ownership and control over their content, will allow them to set their own incentivization mechanism for viewers and community members. Content will be stored via IPFS (InterPlanetary file system), and users will have other tools such as direct messaging, video, and seamless language translation, appealing to international and multilingual communities.

“We want to give any content creator or community the ability to curate their own online social network, set their own reward structures, in any language, all over the world. While there are 15% of our users are from the U.S. — we’re seeing a mix of cultures and languages, whereas other platforms have focused on the English-speaking market. We’ve also been able to respond to community feedback quickly, and welcome those coming from other platforms where bots, collusion, censorship and other issues have affected, fairness and profitability,” says Kevin Zou, WeKu co-founder. “We are continuing to innovate and improve on early blockchain-based content networks such as Steemit and are incredibly excited about the feedback and momentum from the community, even in a down market.”

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WeKu is offering a limited signup to obtain delegated WEKU Power to encourage content creation on the platform. Users can purchase WEKU Power with STEEM and ETH to increase their influence and voting rights. The update just went live on 11/5/2018 (https://tokens.weku.io), and upcoming releases will feature a revamped UI. WeKu will also be doing some live promotions and conference appearances in the coming months, and interested parties are encouraged to reach out to the WeKu team to find out more or schedule an interview.

For more information, visit https://weku.io.






Telegram: https://t.me/wekuen

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