TYRUS A.I. Algorithm Launched to International Audience, www.aptco.co.uk

Algomatic has announced the release of TYRUS, it’s Artificial Intelligence- fuelled Algorithm, capable to trade and place up to 788,000 bets per minute, across 58 sports and thousands of markets.

Tyrus is betting on autopilot. Choosing our platform means employing an immensely powerful algorithm to intelligently bet across multiple sports while you sit back, enjoy and most importantly make money.

Our users can now open an account on www.aptco.co.uk and instruct our team what is their preferred betting cycle, 20,60,90 or 120 days, and we do all the rest.

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Tyrus is thereafter automatically deployed and it autonomously bets on your behalf, using a progressive, risk advert strategy.

Our algorithm has been developed across 3 years of intensive labour, by a team of amazing, dedicated specialists, experts in betting, programming, accounting, investment banking and statisticians.

In initial stages we have made our platform available on a members-only basis, allowing 1000 experienced and expert bettors to use, scrutinize, test, probe our platform.

This facilitated our access to valuable feedback on how we can improve the user experience and the efficiency of the service delivery.

Tyrus is powered by state of the art A.I., combining scientific research on sports data, statistical models and millions of data points moulded into a fully autonomous, intelligent and intuitive algorithm.

It can do what no bettor can do, it has enhanced capacities that allow it to independently auto-recalibrate in under 5 seconds, bet-in-play, and intelligently shift and fluctuate between fix stakes, percent, liability and it can stop at stop loss and re-enter in-play.

The entire network platform has a 256 AES encryption.

Tyrus offers two Inaugural Bonuses to its patrons.

Welcome 1000. First 1000 new users will be awarded with Lifetime Free Membership, allowing them to pay ZERO fees on Deposits, Withdrawals and Software Licensing.

That includes a zero fee on the management services provides by our portfolio managers.

Bitcoin Special. All Deposits via Bitcoin are endorsed and rewarded a 15% Deposit Bonus. You get 15% of your deposit as bonus, ready to use, no lock-in period, no restrictions.

Elianna Sutton

Head of TYRUSbyAlgomatic Press Core

Algomatic In. Ltd. United Kingdom.


Wolsey Court, 1-3, Harben Road, London, United Kingdom, NW6 4RG

TYRUS DATA CENTRE: 110 Bishopsgate, Heron Tower, EC2, London, United Kingdom.

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