DxMinds Releases First Of Its Kind Public Speaking VR APP

DxMinds, the leading AI, ML, AR/VR, and mobile application Development Company in India, is now up with a new first of its kind solution in the market. The organization which consistently centers around the out of the box stuff has built up a one of a kind solution that empowers the users to dispose of their insecurities while confronting a crowd.

“We have invested quality energy building up this remarkable solution. Our talented group of employees strived really hard to make this come into the lights. They are our real assets. We are now on the verge of associating with various organizations in successfully implementing the solution. With this solution, we let the users in being the perfect public speakers. We made use of Virtual Reality solution to get this going "- Commented Mr. Vighnesh S, Manager Overseas, DxMinds Innovation Labs.

The solution comes up with a Virtual Reality headset and a couple of scenarios where the users are made to face the virtual crowd. The pre-programmed scenarios contain situations varying from a crowded hall to an interview session and classroom training. The pre-customized scenarios contain circumstances differing from a jam-packed lobby to an interview session and meeting room. The users will be the host in all cases. There will be instances where the users have to face various kinds of questions from the audiences and the answers to which can be mastered through thorough practices.

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The solution is having an integrated Artificial Intelligence facility that observes the conversation conveyed by the user in profound, persistently assess it and create reports based on which the users can have a nitty-gritty thought regarding their way of presentation. The AI is even capable of figuring out the user’s emotion. Based on these reports generated, a user can make necessary enhancements to his/her way of delivering the speech and can easily master the art of public speaking.

The company claims that the current implicit circumstances are developed for showing the public what we are capable of and this can be molded into any kind provided various scenarios. Huge amount of researches is held backstage by the arrival of which can bring in a tremendous revolution in the area of digital transformation.

For more details of the Public speaking VR app solution, you can contact DxMinds at

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