RRMINE: How does the cloud mining platform RRMINE resist market risk for its users?

As a sponsor of WDMS (World Digital Mining Summit), RRMine(https://www.rrmine.com/) will attend the WDMS 2019 conference in Frankfurt, Germany, on October 9. So why is RRMine’s cloud mining business trusted by global users to help them resist risk?

Cloud mining services can save miners from the process of mining machine purchase, installation, operation and management. Miners can purchase cloud mining contract at one click and easily participate in the mining process. Cloud mining’s long-term investment can make it through both the bull and the bear market, ensuring stable income.

But in reality, most miners cannot really enjoy steady returns. Why? Mr. Tsou Yung-Cheng, Global CEO of RRMine, a global cloud mining contract trading technology service platform owned by SuperB Grace Limited (Registered in Hong Kong), thinks it is mainly because: 1. It is still difficult for the current cloud mining industry to deal with extreme conditions like a bear market; 2. In terms of most current cloud mining platforms, there are only payment terms with no protection clauses, which lack some protection mechanisms for users.

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To help global miners to truly enjoy stable and risk-resistant cloud Hashpower, RRMine provides a user-friendly anti-risk contract with following features:

  • 1. Five-year-long contract with a flexible exit

Currently most cloud mining platforms provide 6-month contract, whose price is likely to increase once it expires due to market volatility. In order to ensure the long-term interests of its users, RRMINE offers a 5-year long contract. During the contract validity period, contract price remains the same. As long as the contract lock-in period expires, users can freely cancel or transfer it, hence the potential risk is significantly reduced due to this flexible exit mechanism.

  • Strict risk management withuniversally fixed contract price

Base on the system of risk management , RRMine guarantees the stability of the platform’s Hashpower. The platform’s contract price has remained stable since 2017. Moreover, through advanced Hashpower cutting technology, Hashpower that has considered the factor of market risk control operation can be standardized and separated. Cutting technology makes Hashpower an independent asset with universally fixed price, which doesn’t need to consider additional factors such as mining machine.

  • Integratedmining cost without additional payment

The mining cost is deducted from daily mining earning with no prepaid mining cost(electricity/maintenance fee). Users don’t need to pay additional fees, hence market price volatility wouldn’t pose a huge effect on mining, which reduces the entry cost for users.

With above-mentioned features, RRMine implements the stability of cloud mining, minimizes miners’risk. Therefore, global users can safely cloud mine anytime and anywhere as they want. Start a wonderful digital mining journey and buy cloud mining contracts. RRMine is your secured choice.

At present, RRMINE has completed its business branches in China, Japan, the United States, and Europe, consolidating the framework of "cloud mining sales going global and business compliance going local". RRMINE will continue its global promotion, among which is the upcoming WDMS (World Digital Mining Summit) 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany. We are looking forward to communicating with users around the world at Frankfurt!

Company: Hong Kong Superb Grace

Contact: Richard Meng

Email: pr

City: Hainan

Country: China

Web: www.rrmine.com

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