Usability: The Key for Mass Adoption

Despite being in the middle of a vicious bear market, the pace of innovation, utility building, and real-life use cases for cryptocurrency has dramatically increased over 2018. As the currencies, services, and utilities become increasingly useful, it’s clear that one thing is holding back a larger influx of retail investors. That one thing isn’t higher prices (as much as we’d all like them); it’s ease of use.

In relative terms, the digital consumer of today has never had it so easy. E-commerce services, websites, and more have increasingly focused on usability, customer support, and seamless integrations between platforms and businesses to allow you to spend your money with minimal friction. Against the decades of development and refinement of UI and simplicity, many cryptocurrency apps and websites can seem like a complicated and unnecessary stand-in for fiat (government issued) currency.

At XCH4NGE, we believe that you should be able to buy, sell, store, and use cryptocurrency as easily as you do GBP or EUR. That’s why we offer GBP pairs for the 5 most popular cryptocurrencies in the world (BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP, & LTC), fast transaction times, secure multi-signature wallets, and high-level verification of all users before they enter our platform. Having trouble? We’ve got you covered. XCH4NGE offers 24/7 live, human support with publicly available resolution targets so you know what to expect.

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Banking v. Crypto

Although we have built our fiat to cryptocurrency platform with maximum user convenience in mind, the high-street banking institutions are putting up no small amount of resistance. Until regulators announce legal frameworks for cryptocurrency, banks have made it very clear that they do not wish to enable crypto-related activity involving their accounts. Though unsurprising, this inflexibility has nonetheless resulted in fund freezes and account closures up and down the country.

Selling your crypto shouldn’t mean your bank account gets shut down, and soon it won’t! XCH4NGE is pleased to announce that we will be implementing a new payment system that mitigates risks for our users while making fiat payments palatable to your bank. Where payments are currently sent directly between users’ bank accounts, we will now be facilitating transactions via our corporate bank account. Once a transaction has been agreed upon, the cryptocurrency is placed in escrow while the buyer pays XCH4NGE directly. When the payment has been verified by our team, we then release the coins and credit the seller.

In addition to mitigating risk, this allows sellers to receive payouts directly from our UK registered corporate bank account, and eventually the option to select batched fiat payments. Rather than multiple payouts from unknown personal bank accounts, we can aggregate all payments within a specified window of time into one lump sum payment from our account. Manage your crypto, and keep your bank happy while doing it.

We’re not just waiting around for solutions, we’re already building them. Not only that, but our users can now buy XRP in the UK with just 0.75% fees! Check us out at the link below, and join the future of P2P cryptocurrency.

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