USCHAG Acquires Mom Bomb, Inc. to Enhance its portfolio of Life Enhancing Brands

US Consumer Healthcare Advocacy Group also known as, USCHAG, the leader in Healthcare Technology, announced the acquisition of Mom Bomb and its sister 501C3 charity organization.

The two companies share the same vision while being aligned in their missions to help people struggling with health issues. USCHAG accomplishes this by bringing the power of deep learning advanced artificial intelligence, coupled with a human touch to solve a myriad of medical issues on behalf of its members. From ensuring its members are using all their insurance benefits, to helping them through the Social Security Disability process, USCHAG and its stable of personal healthcare advocates ensures that its members get the answers, correct bills, doctors and services at the right time, so they can get back to normal as quickly as possible when health issues arise.

Mom Bomb was launched by Heather Roberts in Dec of 2017, as she was in the midst of fighting her own health battle. In early 2017, Heather was diagnosed with Hemiplegic Migraines and Trigeminal Neuralgia, a chronic facial pain disorder. The disease disrupted her life to the point where she was no longer able to complete normal daily tasks, like speaking on the phone or cooking for her six children. In order to manage the disease, Heather began making bath bombs. She found the process itself soothing, and the bath bombs provided the relief she so desperately needed at the end of each day. As she began talking to other friends, family, and colleagues during this time, she found that many other mothers were going through similarly trying times and were having difficulty completing the tasks they were normally expected to do. As such, she decided to create a healing product that could stand on its own, that would fund a nonprofit for others that are struggling with health issues.

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$5 of each Mom Bomb item sold goes to, a nonprofit that aids mothers going through a difficult time. Anyone can nominate a mother who might need extra support, and each nomination is carefully reviewed by the team. After review, provides awardees with an option to take advantage of one of four services, each of which is worth up to $500: laundry picks up/ drop off, pre-made food delivery, in-home cleaning, or childcare.

“This acquisition is thrilling because we will be able to help more people with their health-related issues, and more completely. Each Mom Bomb applicant will receive a complimentary USCHAG membership, called HM2. This will allow us to go beyond our normal support services and bring much more value to those that need help most. We are also excited about developing a men’s line and growing our line of CBD bath products,” says Roberts.

Hank Champion, President of USCHAG says, “Given Mom Bomb’s effectiveness in helping mothers all around the world, we at USCHAG saw the potential to affect even more positive change for those going through what is often considered the most stressful of times. Our goals of improving the healthcare system at its ethos while providing relief for those in immediate need made this a natural fit for us to come together. Having aligned missions and a superior product to support our philanthropic initiatives is a win for everyone. We are so thrilled to bring Mom Bomb into our family of brands.”

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