Reggie Simmons creates Streetwise Artificial Intelligence

The new Streetwise Artificial Intelligence!

Reggie Simmons creates the industry disrupting Streetwise Artificial Intelligence (SAIT).

The creator and father of Streetwise Artificial Intelligence think more people will interact with the growing number of technologies in their daily lives. There are a lot of urban individuals that displace themselves from smart devices or digitally automated things like (automobiles, smart home appliances, digital devices, even employment opportunities, and etc.) because these devices do not understand the urban individuals use of select words, phrases or communications. Reggie says the patent-pending Streetwise Artificial Intelligence Technology(SAIT), pronounced SAY IT, to expand the understanding and usage of smart devices by the urban streetwise while broadening the neural network functioning within artificial intelligence. Before SAIT machines could not understand the certain urban request, words or communications due to the lack of training or streetwise data. Reggie believes his three decades of research, within the urban genre and within the computer technology industry, has allowed him to merge a relevant intelligence and behaviour into a digital format. This digital format or intelligence that he is talking about is the streetwise intelligence that exists, which is called "being streetwise or streetsmart". With technology advancing rapidly it is without a doubt that no technology, (digital personal assistant, smart home, automobile, voice interacting digital system and etc.) could fully function diversely to service the urban, streetwise or hip hop users without implementing the SAIT into their products.

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As CEO of SWEE, a start-up company, Reggie Simmons is honoured to be a contributor in the expansion of AI with the creation of Streetwise Artificial Intelligence and the Streetwise AI Industry. He smiles about his patent-pending SAIT, trademarks and copies rights that extend to Streetwise Node, Streetwise Neural Network, Streetwisebot, and Streetwise AI which I truly believe will add to AI devises user growth within the urban communities.

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