Verzeo-Online Training on Technology for the students

Education is often either too expensive or too theoretical. Neither of these situations helps the country’s growth in the education sector. Students may find themselves graduating with absolutely no idea about what awaits them at the workplace. This kind of education, at face value, may seem adequate; but in reality, it falls short. And more often than not, the young population of the country ends up paying hefty amounts for an education that is, at best, incomplete. When you want to be the best in your field, the logical thing to do would be to approach the best in the education field: Verzeo.
Verzeo is a one-of-a-kind educational platform that offers interactive, fun courses that are
easily available to everyone. In collaboration with Microsoft Inc., Verzeo has started four
courses that anyone can enrol in: Azure Cloud Computing, Introduction to Web
Development, SharePoint, and Machine Learning. There’s no need to worry about the
legitimacy either- all students who enrol and complete the course Microsoft Technology
Associate (MTA) certificates and project letters. Besides, every course will be taught by
Microsoft Trainers. At the completion of a course, the students can proudly call themselves
Microsoft Technology Associates.
In an environment that is as competitive as the one in our country, Verzeo serves as your
invisible mentor, taking you through your strengths and weaknesses, and building on them. It gives you the chance to develop skills that could help you next week, as well as five years from now. Internships, training courses, creating hackathons, participating in start-up events-
They’re all just one click away. Rooted in the wide expanse of the cyberspace, Verzeo is
accessible from anywhere, and by anyone. You could be from Delhi or Dehradun or
Belgaum- we’re here for you.
The courses, internships and training sessions offered are fun, interactive and practical-
something that you can actually look forward to. Our internship opportunities give students the chance to gain valuable work experience that could make them industry-ready for their careers. These internship and training programmes also come with incentive since the students are paid stipends and receive certificates for the work that they do. This internship/training programme is a nation-wide event and has been launched in various states and cities throughout the country. The students who enrol in these courses not only get valuable work and industry experience but are also certified in the fundamentals of various technologies.

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