Optimize your .Net development cost with outsourcing

You must have come across software companies that claim to cut your .Net Development cost by 60%, 70% and so on. Yes, it’s true that outsourcing .NET development work to the right company can help you reduce your .NET development cost by huge margins without compromising on software quality. But have you ever wondered what are the reasons that contribute to this cost reduction?

We have listed some major factors that help to reduce .NET Development Cost, have a look:

  • Labour cost: Due to the difference in economy, there is a huge variation with respect to labour cost in the USA and Asian countries. Labour cost in India is much lower than that in the USA. You can leverage expertise at low costs through Offshore .NET development services.
  • Tool’s cost: Though .NET provides you with the cost advantage of open source platform, you may require access to a paid version of .NET tools such as Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio for Mac, OmniSharp, and others in order to enhance the functionality of apps. A .NET outsourcing company can help you with your custom requirements and you need not pay separately for the tools that are used.
  • Hiring cost: What if you lack the technical expertise to develop an app or software using the .NET platform? You will probably hire a new employee with required .NET skills. The average cost of hiring a new employee can be as high as $4000. While outsourcing can help you eliminate this cost.
  • Training cost: If you hire an in-house resource for your .NET development project, you may need to train the resource with respect to industry norms and policies. Whereas a .NET Development Outsourcing team reduces your overheads costs on training.
  • Idle hour cost: You can hire a .NET developer on the basis of per hour or per month rates. You do not have to pay a single penny when the developer is not working on the project. In case of an internal .NET expert, you may end up spending more as you will be paying for idle hours as well.
  • Employee security cost: For an internal .NET employee, you have to provide employee benefits such as health insurance, pension, and others. With .Net Development Outsourcing you can curb the cost required to provide such benefits.

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