Study Shows Veterans Represent an Untapped, High-Quality Labor Opportunity

Did you know that as a group, military veterans have more education, experience, and leadership ability than their civilian counterparts?

Kevin Bemel – a 25-year business executive, Naval officer, rabbi, and author of "The 8 Deadly Sins of Job-Hunting – Veterans’ Edition", a book embedding his 5-step approach for veterans to find work they’ll love – recently completed research indicating that veterans constitute a group of highly educated workers who have superior technical skills and experience, working in the most challenging environments.

A summary of the research can be found at

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Among the findings:

– Over 85% of officers have at least bachelor’s degree.
– Over 40% of officers have an advanced degree.
– Enlisted people 18-20 years old can have responsibility for a $50 million aircraft and the life of its pilot.

According to Bemel, “Military veterans are exceptional people. With the education, skills, and experience many possess – along with their team work, sense of duty, responsibility and commitment – they can help employers take their business to the next level of performance and efficiency. Employers are finding today’s labor market tight and hiring skilled staff challenging. They don’t realize that veterans represent an untapped, high-quality labor opportunity.

“There was in the 1970’s, the ad slogan: ‘Don’t Forget, Hire the Vet ‘. It was about doing the right thing. Today, hiring a vet is still doing the right thing, but it’s also good business, smart business.”

You can access a summary of Kevin Bemel’s research findings at

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