World Premiere – Big Air VR with X Game Medalist Elliot Sloan – 9th Annual New Media Film Festival

New Media Film Festival a festival notable for "making the cutting edge accessible" by Huffington Post, this year’s programming ­features 110 new media films and content from 40 countries with 36 world-7 US and 24 LA Premieres is about to be live again.

The 9th annual New Media Film Festival’sis at the state of the art James Bridges theatre, Los Angeles.Come ready and artistically inclined starting Saturday the 16TH of June 2018 through Sunday evening 17th June 2018. Full schedule here:

The Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and 360 immersive schedule for Sunday June 17th Noon – 8PM Schedule VR Experience here:

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Big Air VR with Elliot Sloan
World Premiere!
Extreme sports VR experience. Be prepared to get some Big Air.

AI Nightmare VR
L.A. Premiere!
Abducted by futuristic AI robots, you race against the clock to solve a cryptic message and prevent Earth’s coming destruction – only to question if what you experienced was actually just a nightmare.

The Train Hamasen VR
US Premiere!
People from different cultures and ages wait for a train to start a journey through time and space.

Live VR Corridor-Mixed Reality after Bruce Nauman

A mixed reality installation that pays homage to the early days of video art by immersing visitors in a space that is part physical and part virtual, inverting the senses of sight and touch, and activating the pleasures of looking, seeing and being seen.

Hoodoo VR LA Premiere!

We follow the adventures of Claw a simple cat exploring a mysterious fragment of a forgotten world. With the help of the audience, will Claw get through his journey in one piece? In a partnership with NVidia, 3D can be viewed online anytime at this link

3D Deadline the Magician – watch online

The great magician Enero is on the search for his beloved assistant who mysteriously disappeared during a magic show many years ago.
A fantastic story about hope, lost time and what really counts in life.

3D Crooked Billet – watch online
US Premiere!
Think Da Vinci code with a splash of Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail, but in this case it’s the staff Moses used to part the red sea, secretly brought to England at the time of Julius Caesar.


The New Media Film Festival seemed like an outlier when it started in 2009, with their strange categories, web series, 3D storytelling, digital comics, now all of a sudden these phrases are the new normal. The NMFF is always looking to the future, challenging creators, the market and the audience to discover new storytelling. There are not many festivals pushing the limits – go NMFF! – Oscar Winner Nick Reed.


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