World’s First Shopping Bot Enabling Cross Border Shipping Launches in Sri Lanka

Surf2Ship is the combination of a price comparison website with a cross-border shipping solution. The two concepts together to create the ultimate smart shopping experience. It is the world’s first price comparison website to offer cross-border shipping.

A simple tool for anyone to identify and compare products & prices, while not been restricted in the limits of shipping options. While beta testing is in progress, the website is now online for viewers to have a glance at the user experience.

The entrepreneur behind the concept, Ravidu Mario Weerakoon, a 21-year-old entrepreneur. The concept has a lot to do with the background of this young entrepreneur. Having a very early start compared to most youngsters today. His career began at the age of 18, in Logicentrix, a subsidiary of Dart Global Logistics. This was where he gained his experience in warehousing & e-commerce.

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Founder of Surf2ship, explaining to us about the e-commerce Industry in Sri Lanka as a developing country. He stated that it still has a huge potential to grow as long as; the purpose of online buying exists in the Sri Lankan online buyer. Online buying becomes pointless if the prices of products online are higher than products brought offline. He stressed, the need for online buyers to compare, both prices & quality. He also stated that he believes that knowing all options is a right to know before making any purchase.

The next barrier is that many International e-commerce vendors, do not ship to developing countries like Sri Lanka. While companies like Shop & Ship, has already answered this by providing cross-border solutions, the question still existed. Why is getting the best deal still hard in Sri Lanka?

The answer was just out there, it was the perfect marriage between a price comparison website and a cross-border solutions provider.

What is new about this concept?

Founder of Surf2Ship said a Price Comparison website has always tended to be a business model of the nerds and IT gurus. Whilst, the concept of cross-border shipping was a typical solution given by shipping & E-Commerce solutions companies to enable shipping. Therefore, even though, there are a few similar concepts in the world, the two concepts were never concentrated as one.

What are the advantages for the customers?

  • It helps you compare & surf through for the best product at the lowest prices.
  • Enables shipping for products that do not ship through the website. Once done, the customer can compare the shipping options.
  • If the shipping is too expensive through the E-commerce vendor or the product is not shipped to Sri Lanka, and then the customer has the option to use the cross-border shipping solution.

Whilst perfecting as an authority to creating a fair comparison both internationally and locally. Mario also urges Sri Lankan entrepreneurs to start selling globally, with the tools Surf2Ship will provide.

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