Zab Technologies introduces White Label Crypto Exchange Software for global clients

Zab Technologies, the top-notch Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company has now released its White Label Crypto Exchange Software for its clients across the world.

White Label exchange software has been completely beneficial for most of the entrepreneurs. The reason is they are completely cost-effective and renders instant deployment to the clients.

“We people at Zab Technologies have so far delivered an ample amount of solutions for the clients. In our recent feedback survey, we noticed that most of our clients were in need of White label crypto exchange software rather than developing from scratch. Thus, we have planned to implement them and assist our clients in raising profits”, started the Chief Official at Zab Technologies.

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The major motto of the firm is to offer outcomes that help the clients with the desired set of dividends they expect. Initially, they would collect the unique requirements from the clients. Once gathered, they would analyze them completely and come up with a solution to stand out from the crowd.

Next comes the design & development phase of the software. They start the development process as per the requirements. Finally, all the modules are individually tested and security protocols are ensured. Finally, they are delivered to clients.

Here is the list of features they have integrated into their neoteric White label crypto exchange software:

  • Mobile Trading App
  • IEO Module/ Launchpad
  • Security Token Exchange
  • Margin Trading
  • Liquidity API
  • Atomic Swaps
  • Admin Console
  • Issuer Console
  • Multi-currency pairing
  • Crypto Wallet Integration
  • Referral Program
  • Trading Bot
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • KYC/AML Solutions
  • Futuristic CMS
  • Cryptocurrency Price Ticker API
  • Rest API
  • Matching Engine
  • Leverage Trading
  • Market Making

“These are the futuristic features we have in our software. We still have an idea to integrate more such features. I Hope our White label crypto exchange software remains helpful and beneficial to our global clients, said the Chief Official at Zab Technologies.

They don’t just excel with Whitelabel services but also with development from scratch which is done in accordance with the client’s expectations.

About Zab Technologies:

Zab Technologies, the finest Blockchain solution provider has a pool of experienced developers who have so far delivered a great number of projects. They specialize in all sorts of Blockchain Technologies and could work on any sort of inputs regardless of complexity and customized requirements based on the clientele.

Their rich expertise has so far helped global clients to pick high-end dividends. They have so far imprinted their services across various sectors like Healthcare, Real Estate, Finance, Banking, etc. The primary motto of Zab Technologies is to cater to the complete needs of the clients and provide them with top-quality Blockchain solutions.

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