NCrypted to be Part of Vibrant Gujarat Official Govt. Delegation Visit to Finland, Denmark & Sweden

NCrypted Technologies Pvt. Ltd. a leading Software Development company Providing solutions across the globe reaching 90+ countries, catering to SMEs and Startups enabling them with solutions spread across different industries such as Travel and Accommodation, On demand, Online services, Social Media, Education, Ecommerce, FinTech, Smart Transportation, Marketplaces etc.

It has established itself as a Solution provider, Startup enabler providing software products, solutions and business specific consulting. Elevating from Ideation to expanding the business solution via the development stage.

Providing 360 degree startup consulting, covering all aspects such as product engineering, understanding overall business concept, the challenge entrepreneur is trying to address, Then providing product-market fit, go to market strategy, product development, maintenance. Along with scaling up solutions such as digital marketing, networking and beyond. It has marked its presence in Europe with an International Research and Development center in Helsinki, Finland.

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NCrypted is proud to announce that it is a part of Vibrant Gujarat Official Government Delegation visit to the Nordic countries Finland, Sweden and Denmark following India Nordic countries summit.

According to Kunal Pandya, CEO and Managing Director of NCrypted Technologies, the delegation visit will open up new opportunities for NCrypted to be closer to its clients and discuss business collaboration. “We have recently set up our R&D center in Helsinki, Finland and during this delegation visit we would love the opportunity to connect with our existing clients and hopefully build potential new collaborations with the Nordic companies in our ecosystem.”

Here’s the schedule for the delegation visit.

  • Helsinki, Finland | 22 – 25 September 2018
  • Copenhagen, Denmark | 26 – 30 September
  • Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden | 1 to 5 October

The Nordic way to deal with advancement frameworks, described by a solid cooperation between open area, private segment and the innovation community, would be discussed, and collaborations would be explored between the Indian companies, that are part of the delegation, and the Nordic companies in Finland, Sweden and Denmark alongside the government.

“NCrypted’s focus area mainly would be ICT and specifically we will look upon building partnerships and collaboration with industry players in Travel, Smart Transportation and hospitality segment,” says Pandya.

As a part of this delegation, NCrypted’s visit to these Nordic countries will open new doors and create scads of opportunities for entrepreneurs, businesses and ventures to explore the opportunities in the ecosystem, environment and business expansions and discuss steps that can be taken to further scale up the overall market and ecosystem.

NCrypted is planning on hiring around the same time. “We would start recruiting key talent in coming months to back up some of our product innovation in the pipeline, especially in the travel and hospitality segment. Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and other Nordic countries have the tremendous talent pool and matured ecosystems and NCrypted wants to ensure that we learn and exchange ideas to further help our clients, most of who are startups and small-to-medium scale businesses.” echoes Pandya.

This is a welcome chance to meet up with different companies and discuss business collaboration possibilities.

NCrypted is cordially inviting strategic companies to grab this window of opportunity. It would be our pleasure to get in touch with the companies of Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, and Denmark) and explore the business collaboration possibilities. It would be ideal to meet up if you are into ICT (Information and Communications Technology), Travel & Hospitality, a software company, or an agency looking forward to outsourcing your software development and product engineering.

If you’re interested, get in touch with us today to schedule a meeting with our management during this Delegation visit.

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