Worried about Huge Power Consumption & Carbon Footprint ? GreenHashes could be the solution

The most common topics discussed in the crypto industry have been concerning huge difficulty rises, increasing hash rates, lowering Mining Outputs & all related technical issues. That’s all important.

But no one had bothered to consider the most fundamental issue – power consumption & source of the power being consumed. Cryptocurrency Mining is a process that consumes a lot of power and one has to be ready for substantial power bills. Power usage is what makes mining process very costly.

A new player in the cryptosphere, GreenHashes offers a better approach to this power issue. Each GreenHashes Token is backed by the Renewables, Carbon Credits & Cryptocurrencies Mining Power.

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You might be wondering, there are many players which use Renewables for Mining, how’s GreenHashes different? GreenHashes is different than them in many ways because Renewable is the starting point. GreenHashes takes it to next level through Carbon Capture & Utilisation and Reforestation. So on one side, they don’t pollute Environment by using strictly renewable energy, then remove CO2 by Carbon Capture and further make sure removal of CO2 for a long term by planting Trees on a large scale.

Why is GreenHashes such an essential aspect of the modern environment?

Everyone is aware of what is happing as far as environmental concerns are concerned. You will not fail to hear about global warming and its effects. It is a worry that is in the minds of everyone that human activities are causing these issues. Unfortunately, cryptocurrency mining is also part of the problem. The electricity power people use to mine is many times sources from cheap coal powered plants & in turn emits lots of CO2 that is all deposited into the atmosphere. It contributes to the current climate scenario.

GreenHashes is staying away from being part of that problem. Instead, it seeks to join the solution finding team. That way, it does not have to escalate the situation; instead, it offers the solution by the use of renewable energy, conversion of pollution to useful precious products & reforestation.

When asked about the ideology behind GreenHashes, their CEO Shreekant Kulkarni said:
“Our focus is on teaching people that: Use of Renewable Energies is more important than your Stock Markets & Ease of doing business score. Responsible Mining is more important than the Fees or Transactions per second or support or opposition for a new BIP proposal… Reforestation is more important than how big is your GDP… And R&D in Carbon Capture is more important than lowering Emissions.”

GreenHashes is a blockchain based token just like many others. The difference is that renewable energy, carbon credits & mining power back it. The GreenHashes team plans to run Green initiatives across the world wherever they get support from governments.

They are also building “GreenDream Team Alliance” for National & State Governments along with Banks & Companies that share the common cause of Conservation of Earth. All the members will contribute one or more resources to the project like Funding, Land or Raw Materials, permissions to operate and will be given stakes or benefits of the GreenHashes Project in different ways like GreenHashes Tokens, Energy from Renewables, Carbon Credits, Cryptocurrencies or products like Carbon Fibre, Artificial Diamonds and Graphene. This way all the members get something precious & the project matches ahead with an overall positive impact on the Earth.

The founders and the team behind the project will not hold any tokens unless they buy some, unlike in case of other ICOs which hold around 10-15% of the total supply for themselves. For this reason, investors can relax knowing there is security and stability since there will be no market manipulation.

Final thought:

In the modern world of innovation, anyone with the greatest creative minds will win much. It is all about the one with a vision for better Sustainable Development & Conservation of Earth that matters more in these critical times.

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